UCF Quality Institute

Executive Director

Dr. Ahmad Elshennawy

UCF Quality Institute

University of Central Florida

Phone: 407-823-5742

Fax: 407-823-3413

Email: ahmad.elshennawy@ucf.edu


Dr. Richard Biehl

UCF Quality Institute

University of Central Florida

Phone: 407-823-2204

Fax: 407-823-3413

Email: Richard.Biehl@ucf.edu

Mission Statement

To enable interdisciplinary scholarship across an array of quality management, engineering, assurance, and control domains while overcoming collaboration hurdles among multiple social, economic, academic, and professional sectors.


Program Goals

Collaborative Research

To enable collaboration among all related disciplines across UCF and into the broader national and international quality communities.  This will entail our faculty and students driving and participating in research across this sector, taking a leading role in key interdisciplinary opportunities that engage the community in the expansion of quality-related knowledge and practices,


Education & Training

To provide education and training offerings through formal and informal mentoring, workshops, and conferences to students, faculty, researchers, the media, and the broader Florida community.  Offerings will target a diverse community that includes academia, research institutes, professional societies, regulatory bodies, and the media.


Service to Community

To assist stakeholders throughout the community in expanding and enhancing their quality systems capabilities through offering information and assistance to organizations or individuals pursuing interests in this field.  Such service will provide opportunities for students to work within the field during their studies and graduate research through internships and pathways to employment after graduation.

Products & Publications

To provide resources to the community through information sharing and publication of models, tools, standards, processes, and research findings. Because the field is so highly collaborative, our offerings will include seed products and services that are built on by others, as well as our contributions to the seed work provided by other related organizations and the broader community.



The Institute consists of a core team of IEMS individuals who facilitate the planning and prioritization of program activities, and enable and coordinate the network of partners and stakeholders who participate in Institute research and programs.  Overall, the Institute is the combination of collaborative faculty, staff, partners, and students who collectively are conducting research or building service products at any given time.

The intent is to conduct research and service work across the many disciplines that make up quality management and engineering, and to allow distinct colleges and departments to continue to do their own disciplinary work. The Institute is not intended to usurp any existing or forthcoming research in any single existing department or college.